Greetings, my name is Marc Hoover. As of September 2015, I have written a weekly column for the Clermont Sun (under opinions) about true crime and unsolved homicides. As a researcher, I take great pride in finding these fascinating stories and sharing them with you. A Hooper Award was presented to me in 2019 for third place from the Ohio News Media Association (ONMA) for best original column. 

I encourage you to read my columns, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, or just get in touch with me.  Thank you! My podcast, Catch My Killer, interviews real people who have cold cases that need to be solved. Feel free to contact me about an unsolved homicide that needs to be solved. You can also donate to the production costs of Catch my Killer by buying me a cup of coffee. Please refer to the Donations tab.  


Marc Hoover

  • Did you know that a woman wrote Frankenstein?
  • Did you know superstitious people think gremlins are the cause of plane crashes?
  • Did you know the legend of ghouls came from grave robbers and superstition?
  • Did you know that Vlad the Impaler influenced the story of Dracula? 

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