Are you the friend or relative of someone whose homicide case has gone cold? If you would like to discuss the case, please use this form to contact me with details. I would be interested in an interview for an upcoming podcast episode. My objective is to give cold cases coverage so they aren't forgotten.

Perhaps there is someone out there with knowledge that can help solve a case.  

Moreover, if you are a friend or relative of a  homicide victim and your case was solved, I would also be interested in a future interview. Perhaps you can share your experience with others. And if you aren't a friend or relative of a victim, but have extensive knowledge about an unsolved homicide, I would like to discuss the case with you. The objective is to just keep these cases in the public eye. 

If I conduct the interview, then you are authorizing me to publish it. Otherwise, if you want to contact me about a case or my column, please either complete this form or email me at:

Thank you, Marc Hoover

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